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The Maxim Consulting Approach   Our Consulting Services

Our consulting approach is based on some distinctive characteristics:  

Freccia-sx-indice-chiara.GIF a careful evaluation of the client’s
  short-term and medium-term needs
Freccia-sx-indice.GIF we provide a range of alternative
  approaches developed as a result of
  our considerable, international
  experience in developing human capital
Freccia-sx-indice-chiara.GIF thorough programme planning which
  helps maintain commitment
Freccia-sx-indice.GIF the support of communication process
  and the client’s image throughout
  the programme.
Competency Models 
To discover and develop the
company’s human capital                FrecceBlu.gif
Potential Assessment 
To identify the right person, to
check up the suitability for the role  FrecceBlu.gif
Performance Appraisal 
To measure and develop the 
company results and quality            FrecceBlu.gif
360° Feedback
To develop awareness and moti-
vation for personal development      FrecceBlu.gif
Our Model Maxim Consultants

In line with the most up-to-date research we have defined a model  which guarantees the effective performance management and growth.


This model is based on an awareness of the 3 key factors which influence individual performance: Behaviours, Competencies and Motivation. 


Our consultants have considerable experience and knowlege of a wide range of market sectors at an international level.
In particular, our strengths are:

Freccia-sx-indice.GIF Consulting services in 4 languages
Freccia-sx-indice-chiara.GIF a body of experience working with
  companies and consultancies
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